London Marketing

East Anglia is well and truly in demand from wealthy London buyers and a good many of those are ‘lifestyle’ buyers wishing to escape to the country, coast and culture of our wonderful county whilst remaining within easy travelling distance of work, family and friends.Others are simply cashing in on what are often more modest and at the same time more valuable properties in London and then buying something special that offers so much more … for so much less money in your local area!

If you are selling and you believe that you have a property with London appeal, then it is essential that you choose a selling agent with real London coverage and most definitely NOT an agent that simply relies on the internet or professes to have a ‘representative’ office in London when in reality there is no proper connection at all!

If you are thinking of selling, then contact an agent that can actually demonstrate how it reaches these buyers as opposed to one that promises but actually fails to deliver.

We are members of LonRes, London’s prestigious, independent agent network, used daily by 1,300+ estate agent offices with 6,000+ property professionals. We are ready to market your home to their 100,000+ active buyers.

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