Welcome to New-vember!

  • Nov

It’s not just property we value, it’s every member of our team.

This lovely photo of the sun preparing to rise on November 1st, taken by Luan, seems to perfectly summarise the current mood shared by us all in the Exquisite Home family at the moment; a new day, a new month, and the dawning of a new chapter for the company.


November Dawn

At the end of October, Mike & Luan organised the very first Exquisite Home conference, stretched over three days at Down Hall in Essex. Long overdue, thanks to covid, it was not only a chance to focus on the future of EH, but thanks to the expert guidance of executive coach John Cottrell, we were given the opportunity to look introspectively at our our own skills and personalities as individuals.

Not only does this provide you with insight into your own unique way of working, but it also gives you a deeper understanding of your colleagues, and how best to communicate with one another and provide support too. It is all too easy to look at ones own profile, identify the perceived weak spots and feel de-motivated, however we were soon reminded that a successful team only works when there is diversity within it, and while you maybe perfectly proficient at certain tasks, others will feel more comfortable, and be where you achieve your personal ‘flow’.

John Cottrell with Exquisite Home

Aside from the educational aspect of the weekend, equal emphasis was placed on spending quality down time together too. The team has grown since covid struck, and working from home, several had never even met. It was such a joy to get to know each other outside of the working environment, and unsurprisingly we found that the team that work well together, play well together!

How often do we see our colleagues as just another email address, or a name in a WhatsApp group? To get the best out of each other, you have to understand each other, and your personal goals soon become shared. 

Of course, at the heart of our approach is meeting the needs and expectations of our clients, but a happy team means happy customers, and our glowing feedback reflects just that.

The days may be getter darker, but our future is looking brighter here at Exquisite Home.

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