Three reasons why your property isn’t selling

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Exquisite Home bring professional property expertise and resources in the marketing and sale of properties in East Hertfordshire and North Essex. We specialise in fine rural homes, equestrian properties, farmhouses, period and village cottages. Our ambition is to market your home accurately and appropriately in order to achieve a swift and trouble-free sale. We approach that marketing process armed with a range of effective and innovative techniques to enable the sale of your property, which we aim to share with you as part of our service. The first covers the key area of property photography, and how doing it right can have a significant impact on the speed at which your home will sell.

Not selling your home? It could be as simple as poor photography


Believe it or not, some homes are marketed with photographs taken on phones or cheap cameras. Bad photography is one of the primary reasons why a property doesn’t create interest amongst home buyers and can lead to a property remaining overlooked on the housing market. However, good photography is often the sole reason a buyer even notices a property. Taking photographs at the wrong angle or capturing the wrong aspects can result in a property that looks bland and uninteresting. Admittedly, not all property can look amazing in photographs, but it’s important to set the standard as high as possible.

‘Dressing’ the property is also important, so ensuring that obvious distractions like mess, damage or scruffiness are minimised. Also, using a little extra imagination can go a long way to helping improve the appearance of a home. A professional photographer is a must. After all, when you’re selling the most expensive item you own, why wouldn’t you want it to look fabulous? Salient features should be captured within the photography, and a dedicated home photographer knows exactly those key features that a potential buyer is looking for.

Aerial photography can add greatly to the effective sale of your home and also help with land identification, usually via some form of highlight. This feature is certainly helpful and popular too with buyers, especially if there is a plot of some sort. You might also want to consider a virtual tour, a commented virtual tours or a video too – each adding to the improved marketing communication of your property, and hopefully, leading to the sale of your home.

Over-pricing your home is one of the biggest mistakes when selling

Setting the correct selling price of a property is the single biggest error home sellers make. The selling figure is often reached following poor advice from competitive agents, all keen to ensure they lure you into an agreement.

The age-old analogy of getting three valuations and selecting the middle figure is typically not a bad choice, but the temptation to opt for the higher price is often too much for some sellers. The leaves doubt in the home sellers mind that they could generate more return on the sale. This can be the difference between selling or not selling your home, and turn a relatively simple sale into a lengthy and protracted ordeal. To add to this, the ‘private treaty’ selling strategy encourages this practice further, as sellers feel that if a property is priced too high, then the seller will just reduce the figure to bring about a sale. However, new applicants to the market and buyers that might have seen the property if it was priced more accurately would have progressed with an alternative property, meaning that the seller is relying on new applicants to the market. In a buyers market, this can create a waiting game, and working on the basis that the longer a property is on the market, the harder it is to sell, also means sellers can end up with even less than they would have achieved if they had taken the middle valuation in the first place.

Pricing your property attractively in the first place by price pointing it to Rightmove registering price bands is the key to attracting a good willing and able buyer. This will create a more competitive market for your property and almost definitely secure the market value for your property, even more in some instances.

Using the right promotion and advertising strategy


Promoting and advertising a property is critical to the success of finding a buyer and achieving a property sale. There’s an argument that more advertising leads to more enquiries, although tailored and targeted advertising leads to more effective property sales. If a home is advertised on a local agents website, also on property portals and possibly in the local paper, the likelihood of finding a buyer is increased. However, there are far more advertising opportunities available than home sellers realise. Connecting with a larger audience is the essential and will generate a more positive response when a property goes live. The main four property portals are Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and On The Market. There are also international portals that can be linked to UK sources that will advertise your property on an international level. Glossy magazines and property sections within local and national papers continue to be big applicant generators in the property market. Not forgetting, the ever-increasing rise in the number of social media channels that offer routes to market that didn’t exist before the turn of the century. Digital marketing campaigns allow a property can be boosted to a hand-picked audience, positioning itself with useful and relevant information in exactly the right place. Lastly and more importantly, an extensive and up-to-date property database of buyers make it possible to segment the most suitable audience for an agent to promote a property to, as these are the first people to see when property has become available.

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